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I am a Data Team Leader/Manager who is not afraid of the command line while understanding that budgeting, project planning, processes and methodologies are also valuable work. I am detail-oriented and follow up to make sure that everyone is happy, as customers drive my team's needs. I have experience managing across data storage, data integration/ETL, and data visualization.

My background is an expert in MySQL with strong performance and schema optimization, stored code, and delighting customers. I can work in an Agile environment, and have experience with ITIL, particularly ITSM, but I am not married to any one particular system - buy-in and commitment is paramount. My mantra is "it is not completed until it is automated, monitored, backed up and documented."

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Current resumé .doc format

Current resumé .pdf format

Where no one has gone before: compiling LDAP with PHP and with Python for use with MySQL's auth_pam plugin for secure, non-plaintext LDAP authentication.

Education, Certification, Awards

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA



Cabral, S.K. and Murphy, B.K. (May 2009) MySQL Administrator's Bible. Wiley-Blackwell.

Technical Editor

Bradford, Ronald. (June 2012) Effective MySQL: Advanced Replication Techniques.

Date, C.J. (Dec 2008) SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code. O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Schwartz, B. and Zaitsev, P., et. al. (June 2008) High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition. O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Cumming, A. and Russel, G. (Nov 2007) SQL Hacks. O'Reilly Media, Inc

Open Source Software

Github presence

MySQL Nagios plugin - mysql_health_check.pl - flexible and extensible monitoring of arbitrary status and system variables in Perl-based calculations, with caching option - plugin - presentation

MySQL Puppet Module

mysqltuner 2.0 presentation - software

Volunteer Work

Technocation, Inc. - Mar 2007 (inception) - present
Founder, treasurer, website administrator and videographer for most of the videos at http://youtube.com/tcation.

Boston MySQL Meetup Group - Oct 2005 (inception) - Nov 2015
Founder, organizer and frequent presenter

Planet MySQL Nov 2005 - Dec 2013
Contributor to Planet MySQL through sheeri.com, Pythian.com and Mozilla's IT blog

OurSQL Database Podcast - Nov 2006 (inception) - Jan 2008, Dec 2010 - June 2015
Podcast creator, maintainer and co-host, oursql.com

OpenSQL Camp
October 2010 Organized and managed the free 2-day OpenSQLCamp conference.

MySQL Camp April 2009
Organized and managed the free track at the 2009 MySQL Users Conference & Expo.


See http://www.sheeri.com/testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations.


MySQL Marinate - a virtual MySQL self-study course. Monitoried and verified homework on github. Sep 2012 - Nov 2014.
Advanced Topics in MySQL and MariaDB at lynda.com, released October 2014
Understanding MariaDB for MySQL Users at lynda.com, released September 2014
Up and Running with MySQL Development at lynda.com, released March 2014


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All presentations should be available at http://sheeri.com/files/presentations/
Many presentations have accompanying video, available at https://www.youtube.com/user/tcation